Implants in as quick as a day

You may have heard a lot about getting all your teeth replaced with implants in one day. The truth of the matter is that the teeth can be placed in a day but it takes several visits prior to that appointment to get ready for the actual day of surgery.

How does it work?

For people with "terminal" dentition that need to be "retired" implants can be their salvation. It starts with an evaluation and consultation about a realistic prognosis of the teeth. Can they be saved, what would be the cost & prognosis of the traditional dental work, etc. Many times the cost of trying to save some teeth just to keep them is more then replacing all the teeth with implants and non-removable, implant supported teeth.

Once you determine that your goal is to have solid "teeth" to bite with and to have a great smile again the process begins. 

Dr. Coates has put together a team of experts that work together to achieve your goal.

-You start with an appointment with Dr. Coates and a certified dental technician in our office to take models, photos, and measurements. We evaluate your speech and jaw movements and make aesthetic evaluations and discuss your expectations. We take a 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography with the Sirona Galileo to analyze the bone and help determine implant site potential.

-You will then be evaluated by a board certified oral-maxillofacial surgeon who will work with Dr. Coates and the certified dental technician in designing a treatment plan.

-Depending on whether you have most of your teeth or are in dentures and are transitioning into implants will determine if one or 2 subsequent appointments are needed to verify aesthetic issues.

-When there is enough bone and the plan is to place the implants and a provisional prosthesis Dr. Coates, the Certified dental technician, and the oral surgeon will all be there to help give you the teeth.

-After 4 months of healing with the provisional prosthesis and confirmation by the oral surgeon that the implants are stable, you will come in to Dr. Coates for an evaluation of the provisional prosthesis and to determine if any changes are needed to meet your aesthetic and functional requirements.

-A final prosthesis is made to your specifications and the new and improved teeth are attached to the implants and you are ready to go out with confidence of a new smile and teeth you can chew with.

There are a couple different design and material options that Dr. Coates will review with you throughout the process so you can choose what best meets your oral health goals.





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