When Deciding If Crowns or Veneers are Best

There are many reasons why the need for veneers or dental crowns is needed.  Maybe the teeth are heavily stained or discolored…Maybe there’s a chipped portion of the tooth…maybe the teeth are slightly crooked…maybe the teeth are smaller than normal…or maybe there’s a spacing between the teeth.

Because these types of dental issues are more cosmetic, dentist and patient will make a decision based on the aesthetic goal they’ve agreed upon.  And while both procedures are primarily aesthetic, the two treatments have different uses. 

Usually veneers are used for patients that want to improve the shape and color of their teeth.  Crowding and excess space issues can also be alleviated. Veneers are about the thickness of a fingernail, and naturally shaped porcelain that is customized for the individual patient.

Crowns, on the other hand is used when there is less tooth mass to due to decay or possibly when a tooth has undergone root canal therapy. 

Both procedures usually require two appointments that involve a level of preparation of the teeth for the first visit and a mold creation for the following visits. 

Dr. Coates is a recognized top dentist in Los Angeles County that specializes in cosmetic dentistry procedures.  Whether cosmetic dentistry veneers or dental crowns are the decided procedure, Dr. Coates is expert in both and part of a 25 year tradition of excellence in the Long Beach, California.  For a consultation, contact Dr. Coates for an appointment.


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