What to Look for When Choosing a Dentist

Dentists do not come a “dime a dozen.”  Of course, all dentists have their specialties with different disiplines.  Some are cosmetic dentists, which includes cosmetic dentistry veneer practices.  Some are general practioners.  Some are specialist in oral surgery.  But beyond that, some dentists just provide a higher level of utility service that sets them apart from their peers.  When a patient begins using the service of a new dentist, generally their expectations is to correct what needs to be corrected and leave with as pleasing smile as possible…at a reasonable price of course

However, most people really do not know the best way to choose a dentist other than search a directory.  The first best step in choosing a new dentist is to speak to family and friends about their experiences with their current dentist.  Personal references are always a good beginning in choosing a dentist.

Having a non commercial consultation is also a good idea.  By doing this the would be potential patient is able to get a feel for the dentist’s dental knowledge and overall manner with out committed to a full treatment.  Not having a full treatment could mean having a simple treatment which is good for gauging the dentists style of work and how the staff works as a team.  That care should include how well they manage whatever pain you experience, provide complete X-rays and use proper clothing like a mask and sanitary gloves.

Dr. Stephen Coates is a dentist with offices in Long beach and Seal Beach areas.  A consultation with Dr. Coates will offer the best ways to address any dental concerns you may have as well as provide suggestions to prevent any dental issues.  


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