What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

So what is cosmetic dentistry?  How do you know if you need it?  Where can you find a top dentist in the field of cosmetic dentistry?

Traditional dentistry mainly addresses issues of preventing, diagnosing and treating oral diseases and oral hygiene.  If someone needs the services of a general dental practice, their issue requires necessary treatment.  Cosmetic dentistry addresses the improving of a patient’s appearance in regards to their teeth, mouth and smile.  In most cases the services of a cosmetic dental practitioner is elective.  In some cases, however, restorative procedures like dental fillings may be advised for issues like tooth decay.  Because the patient can select filling made of porcelain or composite materials, this option, technically, makes this a cosmetic procedure.

Another procedure used in cosmetic dentistry is dental implants.  This is where an artificial tooth root replacements are used as part of an artificial replacement in order to compensate for tooth loss.  The result of dental implant is usually an enhanced smile, and youthful appearance. The resulting cosmetic dentistry before and after picture of patients that have dental implants are usually stunning.

Dr. Coates has treatments for those coping with poor dental health due to over use of licorice.  Dr Coates is a dentist in Long Beach Ca that specializes in both restorative and cosmetic dentistry.  He has options ranging from cosmetic dentistry veneers to dental crowns.  For information on the services that  Dr. Coates has to offer, click here.


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