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Sugary Foods Cause Cavities – Ask Top Dentists

A number of different factors can lead to cavities but top dentists agree that unhealthy foods are a big cause of bacteria and tooth decay.   The sugars in soda and candy are known to attack tooth enamel which is dangerous for your dental health.   There are all kinds of benefits to sticking to more natural foods but maintaining your teeth is a major one.  Most dentists recommend cutting down on foods high sugar especially for young children who are more prone to eat these foods on a regular basis. 


Long Beach Dentists Recommend Healthy Foods for Your Teeth

Most Long Beach dentists will tell you that eating healthy can greatly improve your teeth.  They recommend eating natural foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains which are much less likely to ruin your teeth with cavities.  Eating these types of food will not only improve your dental health but will make you feel better and healthier overall.  Any dentist or doctor of any kind is well aware of all the benefits of improving your diet. 


Flossing and Dental Long Beach CA

Everyone has heard the saying from your dental Long Beach CA office that you need to floss every day.   Most people forget to floss regularly because they think it is not as important as brushing your teeth.  Your dentist will probably tell you that flossing is just as important as brushing because many cavities develop in the hard to reach spots between your teeth.  Flossing gets rid of the plaque build-up in between your teeth, greatly reducing the likelihood of cavities developing there. 


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