Tooth Loss

Long Beach Dental Implants: Tooth Loss Prevention

People lose their teeth in multiple ways. Some cases could include tooth decay from improper care, gum disease, serious injury and simply getting older. One study that included a large group of people would explain that the more people who had one or more teeth missing had show that more than half of them fell into the category of preventable tooth loss.

Multiple ways exist in prevention of losing teeth and the most viable way are long beach dental implants. This method makes more lasting sense to replace a single tooth, making it a seamless solution. An artificial “tooth root” will then be implanted, serving as a basis for being permanently fixed or can even be removed. The Dentist in Long Beach CA will say that implants are the next best thing for treating missing teeth. With a rate of 98 percent, it has proven to be a success. Some tests even show that treating teeth loss with this method is the more preferred option.

The cosmetic dentist in Long Beach will also tell you that even as a preferred option, dental implants are safe and accurate especially for oral surgery to rectify missing teeth. Try it today!


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