Tooth Injuries

Dentist in Long Beach CA: How to deal with Tooth Injuries

Baby teeth do not need to be placed back into the site of dislodgement. However, with permanent teeth, it needs to be placed back in before 30 minutes to avoid permanent tooth loss. A dentist in Long Beach CA knows that when baby teeth injuries occur, it is important to apply gauze and pressure to the site. Furthermore, call a dentist as soon as possible to be examined carefully. They will recommend a spacer to keep the rest of the teeth in place until permanent teeth appear.

Your local area dentists will tell you that if a permanent tooth is chipped or broken, rinse the damaged or injured area of the mouth with warm water. Also give the child a cold compress to hold on the injured area.

If a tooth is knocked out, hold the tooth by the crown and not by the root. Try to rinse the tooth as soon as possible with a saline solution or with milk. Using tap water is a bad idea because it contains chlorine which is can damage the root of the tooth. A Seal Beach dentist will also warm against scrubbing the tooth. Try to reinsert the tooth back in its socket and use a gauze to keep it in place. If not, use milk to preserve the tooth until you see a dentist.


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