Tooth Discoloration

So what are your options now that years of drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes have discolored your teeth? 


One option is teeth whinier.  This option is usually not permanent and requires follow-up visits to maintain the whitening treatment. Another option is cosmetic dentistry veneers.  The beauty of this option is that they resist stains better than most other veneers and have an authentic appearance that simulates the light reflecting properties of natural teeth.  The option of using veneers also allows for a way to choose the color type of the veneer that best matches the color of the surrounding teeth


The veneers are typically very thin and custom-made teeth covers that are made of tooth-colored material designed to encase the front surface of the tooth and improve appearance.  Not only are they used for teeth that is discolored but it’s also used for teeth are worn down, chipped misaligned chipped or broken. 


The procedure usually requires two visits to first diagnoses and developing a treatment plan then fitting and bonding it to the existing tooth.


Dental Long Beach Ca dentist Dr. Coates is a dentistry cosmetic specialized skilled in dental veneer applications. He uses a cooperative effort by the patient, dentist, and dental staff when approaching treatment. 


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