Tooth Decay

Dentists in Long Beach CA: What is Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay doesn’t need to be a huge problem for anyone. With basic understanding, most people can avoid the problem of tooth decay. The dentists in Long Beach CA will explain that tooth decay is a disease process for which waste products from bacteria cause damage to the hard, mineralized tissues of a tooth. These mineralized tissues are usually called enamel or dentin.

According to a cosmetic dentist, a tooth is mostly a hard structure which is a calcified object. Teeth have “nerves” in the center of the tooth. This tissue is usually soft and the outer surface of a tooth is usually hard because the content that make up the tissue are of high mineral components.

A Seal Beach dentist will explain that there are three types of mineralized tissues that form the tooth. The first is Enamel which is a tooth’s most visible surface. Everything on a tooth that is white is enamel. It is also the hardest substances in the human body as 95% of its composition is mineral content. The second substance is Dentin which is not solid enamel and makes up the tooth’s “crown”. Dentil also contains minerals like hydroxyapatite but not as high in concentration. Lastly, Cementum is a thin calcified layer that covers the surface of a tooth’s root and plays a role to hold a tooth in its socket attaching to the tooth itself.


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