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Dentist in Long Beach Has Different Kinds of Fillings


What to Do About Cavities – Dentist in Long Beach Can Help

If you haven’t been to your dentist in Long Beach in a few years chances are you might have a few cavities.  In the worst case, if you haven’t been taking good care of your teeth you might have several cavities to worry about.  Your dentist can help you create a plan to get all the cavities filled over a period of time that makes it affordable to you.  Most likely they can offer a credit plan if you don’t have enough to cover the most pressing issues with your teeth. 


Fillings from Long Beach Dental – Amalgam and Composite

Your Long Beach dental office can give you different options in terms of what type of fillings you want for your cavities.  The most common kind is amalgam which is a mixture of mercury and a few other kinds of metal.  This kind of filling is durable and the least expensive to get done but some people have concerns about the possible dangers of the level of mercury used.   Another kind of filling is the more natural looking composite type made out of resin.  Some people choose this kind of filling for a tooth colored and undetectable solution. 


Seal Beach Dentist Can Help You Choose Fillings

Choosing the right kind of fillings for your cavities can be a matter of many different pros and cons that your Seal Beach dentist can describe to you.   Some composite fillings are more expensive but more natural looking although they can wear out faster and may not be used in all situations.  As you may already know from experience, amalgam fillings usually require some removal of the healthy part of the tooth to be placed.  Some people are afraid of drilling and choose not to go through the process of amalgam fillings. 


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