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A dentist in Long Beach: What exactly is Periodontitis?

According to a dentist in Long Beach, Periodontitis is one of the largest problems in dental hygiene in the U.S. It’s second to cavities and the American Academy of Periodontology have data that states that in the U.S. 30-50 percent of adults are affected by Periodontitis in a mild to moderate form.

A Cosmetic dentist in Long Beach knows that healthy human tissues regenerate themselves over a period of time. However, in Periodontitis, the rate of loss of the bone material is faster than the rate of its regeneration. Although some scientists have come to understand how bone material is lost, they haven’t found out a clear reason why new bone formation could be impaired.

Seal Beach Dentist: What causes Periodontitis?

There is a theory that a master protein may control the impairment of bone formation in the serious gum disease called periodontist. A Seal Beach Dentist suggests that a master protein is involved heavily in the process of degeneration of the jawbone structure, which is identified as the nuclear factor-kB (NF-kB). This protein is supposedly responsible for inhibiting regeneration of the bone material.


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