Seal Beach Mouthguards

Seal Beach dentist: Mouthguards are important!

When playing any contact sport or activity where there is a risk of an injury to the face like hockey, football, soccer and even volleyball. With such a risk, it’s important to wear mouthguards which are usually fitted properly to protect the teeth. A seal beach dentist can explain that without a mouthguard, damage can result to the gums, lips, and or teeth. Tooth fractures can also occur as well as your teeth being knocked out!

Your local area dentists can explain that there are three types of mouthguards that can accommodate your needs. The first type is called the custom-fitted which is constructed and fitted to the shape of a person’s mouth. They are made by dental professionals and have been proven to reduce the number and severity of mouth injuries in sports and activities.

Your Long Beach dental care dentists can further explain that the second type of mouthguard is the boil and bite. Once the lining is softened in boiling water, the person bites on the mouthguard to help it take the shape of the mouth. The process of biting down onto the softened lining can decrease the guard thickness and thus make it more effective. However, these mouthguards can be uncomfortable to wear.

The last mouth-guard is the ready-made types. They are ready-to-wear mouthguards that are readily available over the counter at sports shops and chemists. These may be the cheapest mouthguards but they also offer the least amount of protection as they are bulky and hard to keep in the mouth due to their poor fit.


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