Seal Beach Bruxism

Dentists in Long Beach CA: Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) May Cause a Headache

Does a partner complain, every morning, about you grinding your teeth or teeth clenching keeping them awake? The fact that your partner complained about it keeping them awake made you more alert in the fact that you have that habit. It’s always the person sleeping at your side who will be able to tell you if you do. The dentists in Long Beach CA suggest that this habit of grinding teeth is known as Bruxism.

According to a cosmetic dentist, people with irregular or infrequent bruxism do not get affected as much. It doesn’t really show the damage to the jaws and teeth. However, it is those who are habitual grinders who get affected. In pronounced cases, it can also damage one’s jaw or hearing.

A Seal Beach dentist knows there are consequences to grinding teeth

The following are consequences suggested by a Seal Beach dentist.

• Severe toothache
• Sensitive to biting food
• Sensitive to hot or cold food
• In advanced cases the teeth can break or result in fractures
• Tooth loss


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