Seal Beach Brushing

Seal Beach Dentist: Properly Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing teeth should be a consistent ritual and yet a lot of people don’t realize this and how to properly do it. Brushing improperly over time will eventually lead to dental issues. A Seal beach dentist is concerned that our teeth may accumulate Plaque, Calculus, Bleeding Gums, Halitosis, Gum disease, Caries, and tooth discoloration in our teeth.

Such symptoms usually don’t show up as obvious results. However, over time the latent symptoms will progress to advance stages where the damage has already occurred (along with the pain that goes with it). Most people will make Internet searches relating to proper brushing habits for their pets yet do not consider making the search of the correct way to brush their own teeth.

Area dentists can show a patient that there are alternative ways to brush teeth effectively and on commonly used technique is called the “bass method”.

Some common tips of brushing your teeth properly include using a soft bristled tooth brush as hard bristles can be terrible to sensitive gums and can induce gingival recessions. The Long Beach dental care dentists would recommend that you hold the tooth brush tilted an angle of 45 degrees towards your gums and clean the teeth 3 at a time. Furthermore, short movements going back and forth without exerting too much pressure is highly desired, concentrating on the part of the teeth where it is nearer to the gums.


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