Poor Dental Health

Dental health is probably an underrated part of one’s overall health.  Most people’s concern of dentistry is cosmetic.  They believe good dental health means you have few cavities and your breath is not offensive.  Actually, your overall dental health may affect, be affected by or even contribute to various other diseases.  One condition that is the result of poor dental health is endocarditis, which can be caused by a gum disease that opens the gums and allows bacteria to enter the bloodstream. If someone has a weak immune system or a heart valve, this can cause infection in other parts of the body like the inner lining of the heart, resulting in endocarditis.

There is research that points to heart disease, clogged arteries and stroke that may be linked to oral bacteria.  This may be due to an ongoing inflammation condition from a severe form of gum disease call periodontitis. Gum disease has also been linked to premature birth and low birth weight. 

People who have inadequate sugar control may develop more frequent and severe infections of the gums.  This condition of diabetes not only reduces the body’s resistance to infection but it also puts the gum health at risk resulting in possible lose of teeth. These are points to consider when looking for a top dentist to provide service.

Dr Stephen Coates is a Long Beach Ca dentist that is aware of the overall health implications of poor dental health. Dr. Coates stresses the need for education and prevention for all his clients as providing “dental health care” is a better alternative to “disease care.” For information on the many services of Dr Coates, please click here.


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