Need Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry: How Do I Know When I Need It?


You may have been doing a great job of keeping up with dental visits and cleanings, and also brushing and flossing daily. You’re proud of yourself and you have the smile to prove it. Or so you think. Many patients seek the treatment of a cosmetic dentist because they feel their smile could better reflect the health of their teeth. We associate bright, straight teeth with dental health, so if your teeth are discolored or crooked you may still be giving off the wrong impression.


Cosmetic dentistry is a great choice for patients who are unhappy with their smile. One of the first things a patient asks for is tooth whitening. This is a quick, inexpensive procedure that brings instant results. Almost every dentist offers the latest techniques in tooth whitening and your Seal Beach dentist probably does too. Another popular choice is orthodontics and almost every dentistry clinic offers this treatment or can at least refer you to another trusted clinic that does. There are several options in orthodontics for both kids and adults these days, so ask your dentist about which is right for you. Veneers are a quicker, more inexpensive option for correcting misshapen or gapped teeth that aren’t too severe. Porcelain veneers are custom molded for your teeth to ensure the best possible and most natural looking fit. No matter what cosmetic treatment you choose with the help of your dentist, you’ll be sure to end up with results that will make you happy.


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