Maintain Oral Health

What is Needed to Maintain Your Oral Health

Sometimes people forget how important healthy teeth can be. Maintaining your oral health goes beyond a beautiful smile to the overall health of your body. In order to keep your smile looking and feeling great, a balanced diet and a few simple practices can make all the difference. Calcium is the most effective way to keep your teeth strong and helps strength the jawbone. Fitting calcium into your diet may not be as difficult as you might think, and making sure children receive enough calcium is essential. Because children are constantly growing and their teeth continue to develop rapidly, top dentists recommend calcium and phosphorus to develop a strong oral structure.

Vitamin D is also an essential element of keeping a healthy smile. Long Beach dental practices say that Vitamin D balances the calcium and phosphorus within the body system. Vitamin D also reduces inflammation of infected gums as well as prevents future inflammation. In order to obtain these necessary nutrients, you must maintain a healthy diet. Calcium is present in foods such as vegetables, dairy products, and salmon. Many local area dentists can provide you with a list of foods that promote a healthy oral structure. Vitamin D can be obtained through sunlight as well as supplements and diet. It is important not to forget the importance of a healthy smile. Keeping your teeth and gums in good health will ultimately keep you from constant dentist visits and painful surgeries.


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