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Long Beach dentists: How Professional is Teeth Whitening?

Going in for teeth whitening can bring faster results when done by a professional. With the supervision of a dentist, this method if tooth whitening is considered the most expensive but still effective.

Expect that teeth are polished with pumice which is a grainy material used to remove plaque on the surface of teeth. This ensures that the surface of the teeth is cleared of any food particles that may cause stains. In addition, long beach dentists will put gauze in your mouth to isolate it, keeping teeth dry during procedure. Sometimes, retractors are used to keep cheeks, lips and tongue away from the whitening solution applied to teeth.

The Dentist in Long Beach CA will explain that a barrier is placed along the gum line to protect it from whitening solution as the solution is only intended for teeth. Furthermore, teeth are then coated with whitening solution to the front surface of teeth, which is either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Some procedures even need light or lasers to be used to add heat to such solutions to activate the peroxide.

Once optimum shade has been reached, a cosmetic dentist in Long Beach will then rinse with water and will apply a fluoride based application to help ease the sensitivity some people experience with tooth whitening.


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