Long Beach Fillings

Long Beach Dental Implants: What are Fillings?

Fillings are often needed in the molar or the back of the teeth where decay rates are higher in tooth loss. The need for fillings due to tooth decay can be eliminated by using the right techniques to clean your teeth and maintaining a healthy diet. Continuous and regular dental health check-ups are recommended and will make sure to avoid problems in the future if certain issues should arise and can be treated early.

Long beach dental implants are a way to deal with permanent tooth loss but fillings can still save the day when your teeth can be salvaged. There are a couple of filling materials used by your dentist which may include tooth-colored fillings and dental amalgam, which is silver colored.

A Dentist in Long Beach CA can use white fillings which are tooth-colored fillings. Such fillings can be used on the front of teeth for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons. Such a procedure has been used for many years as well. In the recent years, however, there have been improvements in filling materials for the back teeth which makes it more affordable for everyone who wants to get their teeth filled. A cosmetic dentist in Long Beach will also expound that silver fillings are an inexpensive way that is made up of highly durable material used to fill teeth. Modern silver fillings are metal alloy which is made up of mercury, silver and tin with small amounts of copper and zinc. Call your local dentist today and find out more about dental fillings!


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