Long Beach Crowns

Dentist in Long Beach CA: The Importance of Crowns

To improve teeth shape or to make teeth stronger, a dentist in Long Beach CA will suggest the use of crows as a means of cosmetic restoration. Teeth that have gone through tooth decay, are wearing out or are broken are often treated with crowns.

Your local area dentists will suggest that crowns are called “caps” which are then placed onto an existing tooth to fully cover portions of teeth that are above the gum line. In turn, the outer surface of your teeth are, thus, the crown. Materials that make up crowns include porcelain, metal, or a combination of both. However, the preference of using porcelain is more feasible as it has the same sort of translucency of normal teeth in addition to it being a very strong substance.

Silver amalgam fillings are not as popular as crowns and are less preferred. Unlike certain fillings which place metal substances directly into your mouth, a Seal Beach dentist will say that a crown is fabricated away from your mouth. A crown is created in a lab, derived from a mold which has your own unique tooth impressions which will let a dental laboratory technician examine all aspects of your bite and jaw movements.


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