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Long Beach Dental – How to Deal with Cavities

Advice from Long Beach Dental

In the world of dental health, cavities are simply a reality that you have to deal with from time to time.  As much as flossing and brushing every day as you should do is important, it can’t always prevent cavities.  The foods we eat can be very destructive and erode enamel because of all the sugar in them.  Long Beach dental offices advise that cavities should be checked out as soon as they appear and regular exams and x-rays can keep you updated on your teeth. 

Long Beach Dentist Says Don’t Hesitate

If you get an exam and there are some small cavities forming you may wonder what you should do.  People can be hesitant to get them filled because they don’t feel prepared to pay for the procedure or deal with the discomfort of shots and drilling.  A Long Beach dentist will usually tell you that the best thing to do is take care of them as soon as possible.  If you leave them alone they could progress and get big enough to cause a lot of damage. 

Different Kinds of Fillings from Long Beach Dentistry

When you make the right decision and choose to get your cavities filled there are a couple of options regarding the fillings.  Long Beach dentistry offers a few different kinds of filling material such as amalgam or resin.  A little research on the subject or simply a chat with your dentist can inform you on the various advantages or disadvantages of each kind of filling.  There are a few things to consider when choosing such as cost and appearance. 


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