How to Choose a Dentist

Not all dentists are created equal.  Different dentists specialize in different disciplines…there are cosmetic dentists, which includes cosmetic dentistry veneer practices; there are general practioners; and there are those that specialize in oral surgery.  But the truth is that some dentists just provide better service than others.  Most people have reasonable expectations in regards to their teeth.  Most want to have a perfect set of white teeth to enhance their overall appearance and look pleasing to others.  When a dentist is needed, most people have a reasonable expectation for the dentist that they choose.  Most would like that dentist to correct whatever is impairing their dental health, as painless as possible, and with a pleasant disposition. 

However, most people really do not have an effective strategy in choosing that dentist.  Before hiring your next dentist consider speaking to family and friends about their experiences with their current dentist.  Personal references are always a good beginning in choosing a dentist.

Consider also setting up a consultation with the potential dentist to get a feel for the dentist’s dental knowledge and overall style.  Maybe even set up a simple treatment to better get a feel for the dentist overall dentistry style and how the office is run. Even though the treatment will be simple, you should be able to gauge the care and effectiveness that the dentist exhibits.  That care should include how well they manage whatever pain you experience, provide complete X-rays and use proper clothing like a mask and sanitary gloves.

Dr. Stephen Coates is a dentist with offices in Long beach and Seal Beach areas.  A consultation with Dr. Coates will offer the best ways to address any dental concerns you may have as well as provide suggestions to prevent any dental issues. 

Get the luster back in your smile and contact Dr. Coates for a consultation.


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