Great Smile

Repairing the Damage From Smoking

You had a fun night with friends at the local bar the night before.  Now it’s morning, and time to wake up and prepare for the day of work.  You have an important meeting to mentally prepare and groom for.  You wash your face, look in the mirror and notice a “yellowish” tint to your once pearly white teeth.  A slight panic enters your thinking and you realize that that the years of smoking cigarettes has finally affect the color and health of your teeth.  Your horror compounds when you consider that the yellowing of your teeth is so noticeable that it may prove a distraction to those at your upcoming meeting.

What are your options? In Long Beach California, Dr.Coates is your choice for expert teeth whitening.  Dr Coates is recognized as one of the top dentists in California and offers a high standard of excellence in personalized dental care.  His office provides a comprehensive treatment menu for all procedures in dentistry. Whether restorative or cosmetic dentistry is needed, Dr. Coates is focused on the optimal dental health and beautiful smiles of his clients.

A consultation with Dr. Coates will offer the best ways to get the luster back in your smile.  Dr. Coates is part of a 25 year tradition of Long Beach Ca Dentist that has provided quality service in the area.

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