Dr. Stephen Coates DDS - Long Beach CA


Cosmetic Dentistry Before And After Photos

A long beach dentist knows that most of his or her patients doesn’t really enjoy going to the dentist. That’s why they tend to have some of the best bedside manner of doctors. They really care about dental hygiene and know how important it is that their patients brush and floss their teeth. While they make money off of you have cavities they really would rather you spent the money on veneers than on preventable dental problems.

Check Out Cosmetic Dentistry Before And After Photos Before Getting Work Done

You don’t just want to go with any cosmetic surgeon when you are looking for a cosmetic dentistry dentist. Getting a recommendation is key to getting great work done. Also reading testimonials and looking at cosmetic dentistry before and after photos can help you make up your mind. Your dentist if he doesn’t do cosmetic work can usually also recommend some really great cosmetic surgeons to take care of your teeth. You definitely don’t want to go with someone you don’t know or you haven’t been referred to without doing any research first.

Looking For An Area Dentist For Your Family

Finding a family area dentist when you move to a new area can be a difficult task. You might want to ask your current dentist before you move if he was a recommendation for a dentist in the area that you are moving into. Chances are he knows someone or has a colleague that knows something. That can be a great place to start. If he doesn’t know anyone then ask friends and get online and look at webpages, education, testimonials and photos.


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