Dentistry Cosmetic

Dentistry:  Cosmetic Procedures Focus on Aesthetics

Looking Your Best:  Cosmetic Dentist Long Beach

The difference between general dentistry and a cosmetic dentist, Long Beach residents should know is that cosmetic dentistry has more to do with appearance.  General dentistry is a matter of keeping your teeth clean, healthy and free of tooth decay.  It also deals with filling cavities and sometimes more serious procedures like a root canal.  Cosmetic dentistry focuses mainly on aesthetics, the way your teeth look, in a way that doesn’t necessarily affect your health. 

Dentistry: Cosmetic Issues People Get Fixed

When it comes to people looking for dentistry, cosmetic issues are just as big a concern as general health issues.  People place just as much importance on the appearance of their teeth as on their health.  The most common cosmetic procedures people want to get fixed are things like chipped or missing teeth, discoloration and misaligned teeth.   Most often these are problems that don’t affect your health but are simply undesirable and don’t look ideal. 

Long Beach Dental Implants – A Complete Smile

One of the most important cosmetic procedures for people concerned about their appearance is getting long beach dental implants.   Missing teeth affect the aesthetics of your face and smile the most out of any cosmetic problem you can think of.   People can be very self-conscious about missing teeth and get dental implants so that they have a natural looking full set of teeth.   Dental implants also have the benefit of making it easier to chew food. 


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