Dental Trauma

What are your options when you find you have dental trauma?

There are many reasons for teeth missing.   Some reasons are injury, accident, and decay from disease.  The loss of a tooth is traumatic.  It’s also and situation that needs to be addressed immediately.  Not only for cosmetic reasons, but for practical health reasons.  When a tooth is lost, left un-treated, the jaw bone can begin to atrophy causing the tooth on either side of the space to shift into that open space.  This in turn can cause other dental movement thus causing further decay and hindering chewing ability. 

Dr. Coates is a dentistry cosmetic located in Long Beach, California.  He is part of a 25 year tradition of excellence in the area as well as having a Seal Beach dentist office.  Dr. Coates has many treatment options for those facing the trauma of missing teeth.  A few are long beach dental implants, dentures or even a bridge.  Dr Coates’ first priority is the optimum dental health of the client with a focus on making sure their teeth is as beautiful as possible.

He recognizes the need for sound proper procedures in every treatment that he administers.  Dr. Coates stresses the need for education and prevention for all his clients as providing “dental health care” is a better alternative to “disease care.”  He also has an uncompromising approach to office safety with a strict regime for sterilization maintenance in his office. 

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