Dental Implants Right for You?

When thinking about the option of dental implant procedures, there are some points to consider.  First, understand that dental implants are placed directly into the patient jawbone surgically.  This is where they serve as the root for any missing teeth that the implant is to replace.  The metal in the implant is titanium and fuses with the jawbone resulting in the implant not slipping, making unnatural noises or causing bone damage.  This is a consideration as usually the option of dentures may have those unwanted side effects.  The implant material is guaranteed to not decay like normal teeth that may be used for bridgework support, if that option is chosen.  And once this procedure is chosen and completed, many have found that their cosmetic dentistry before and after picture was well worth the steps needed to complete it.

If the patient has one or more teeth messing, a jawbone that has reached full maturity, adequate bone to secure the implant, healthy oral tissues, and unable to wear dentures going with the dental implants may be the best option for one desiring a better dental appearance.

Dr Coates has a Long Beach dental implants office, with years of service excellence.  His cosmetic dentistry menu ranges from cosmetic dentistry veneers to dental crowns.  Contact Dr. Coates to see what he can do for you.


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