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Long Beach Dental Implants: Remedy For Tooth Loss

In most people, tooth loss is associated to a lot of factors. Some of these factors, which cause tooth loss, are tooth decay, gum disease or periodontal disease, injury and aging. In a study involving a large group of adults suggests that the increase in the number of people with one or more teeth missing revealed that more than half of the group fell in this category.

There are a large number of ways to treat tooth loss and the most effective of which are long beach dental implants. This can be an alternate method to replace a missing tooth. Artificial “tooth root” are implanted which are the basis for being permanently fixed or can be removed.

A Dentist in Long Beach CA suggests that implants are the most preferred treatment for tooth loss for a single tooth or for more than one tooth. It has shown a success rate of 98 percent. Medical tests show that dental implant is most successful treatment as a replacement for lost teeth.

A cosmetic dentist in Long Beach knows that dental implants are the safest and most accurate types of surgery conducted to replace missing teeth.


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