Cosmetic Help

Why is it that it’s always something?  I prepare for this date that best I could. Perfect restaurant, check.  Shoes shined, check. Hair cut, check. Car cleaned, check. Money in pocket, check.  After I shower, and put on my clothes for the evening, I notice in the mirror that my front tooth is chipped and the tooth next it is almost yellow.

I refuse to panic, but I will need options.  I can tell my date that a door slammed in my face and the chipped tooth is the result.  Hopefully she’ll buy that.  But I want my teeth and smile in order as bad teeth generally leaves a negative first impression no matter where I am.

I need work…I need a cosmetic dentist…I need a top dentist.  I need Dr. Coates.  Dr. Coates is located in Long Beach, California and is recognized as a top dentist in California.  He has a menu of procedures that he’s skilled in that include cleanings and preventions, cosmetic dentistry, and restorations.  His treatment planning is comprehensive with a standard of excellence in personalized dental care that enables Dr. Coates to provide quality dental service. After using Dr. Coates, I’m confident that my cosmetic dentistry before and after picture will be to my liking.

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