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Looking for a Cosmetic Dentist? Things to Consider

There is a three step process in getting cosmetic dental veneers after the preliminary work finding a cosmetic dentist. Dentistry is like any other profession. There are practitioners in the field who are extremely competent and talented at the work they do and those who are less gifted. Find yourself a directory of dentistry and research client experiences and reviews of work. The time invested in this process will be well worth the trouble when getting involved in this multi-step process. Ensure that you will shepherded through this process and that your dentist will be responsible for due diligence in the procedures in which you are about to embark.

Veneers come in customized fittings for your teeth, and the process begins with diagnosis and scheduling the treatment sequence. A dialogue between you and your dentist will ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved. Do you want a Hollywood smile, or something more natural? Do you wish to correct all irregularities, or are you going for something more subtle? These types of discussion points will contribute to your satisfaction with the results of the procedure. After your dentist x-rays your teeth and determines which type of veneer is best for you, he may also take a molded impression of your mouth.

The surface of your original tooth will be removed and replaced with porcelain or composite resin veneers, customized to match your teeth in color, shape, size and length. The process is actually very arduous and demands a high level of aesthetics from your doctor. Cosmetic dentistry veneers will be repeatedly trimmed and assessed in your mouth in order to achieve a perfect match. While time intensive, it is a necessary part of the process for achieving the desired effect. Your teeth will be cleaned and polished and the surface will be roughened to ensure that a bonding of the veneer to your tooth is complete.


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