Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) May Contribute to Headaches

Does someone notice and voice out, especially in the morning, about how they couldn’t sleep because you were grinding your teeth and keeping them awake at night? The fact that someone has acknowledged your teeth grinding problem has surfaced it to your attention. It is obvious that the person constantly sleeping next to you that will be the first to catch your habit and be the one to tell if you do. Dentists in Long Beach CA can explain that this teeth grinding habit has been named Bruxism.

A cosmetic dentist has concluded that people with abnormal or irregular Bruxism do not get affected as much. However, in sporadic cases, it wouldn’t be able to show the long term damage of the jaws and teeth. In such cases, it is those who continually grind their teeth chronically who show the long term symptoms. In severe cases, it may definitely damage one’s jaw and hearing.

A Seal Beach dentist knows there are consequences to grinding teeth. A Seal Beach dentist can explain that some symptoms of Bruxism include severe toothaches, sensitivity to biting into foods, sensitivity to hot or cold foods, broken teeth due to results in fractures and tooth loss. Consult your local dentist to get treated before it’s too late.


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