Bad Breath

Your Dentist in Long Beach: Bad Breath Cause and Effect

A lot of people think how their breath affects others. They even go as far as trying to smell their own breath by covering their mouth and inhaling or licking the back of their hand to smell. There are too many media material covering the social stigmas that come from having bad breath and offer solutions to rectifying their situations. Halitosis, another name for bad breath, may indicate more serious health problems if not dental problems, a dentist in Long Beach might suggest.

The source of bad breath can be related to many factors. The Cosmetic dentist in Long Beach believes that the cause of bad breath can also be related to changes occurring in the other parts of the body. Such local factors that can contribute to the symptoms include decaying food particles between teeth, tongue coated by microorganisms and their byproduct, unclean dentures, tobacco smells, alcohol, gum diseases with pus productions, and healing wounds after surgery or extraction.

Seal Beach Dentist: Indirect Causes

Halitosis can also be formed from other factors that do not include the health of the mouth. The Seal Beach Dentist can explain that head colds with infected nasal air passages as well as acute inflammation of air spaces present between facial bones (with pus) can lead to the indirect cause of bad breath. Furthermore, Tonsillitis, many waste products accumulated by the lungs, drinks, pungent foods, and diabetes can all contribute to halitosis. Bad breath is not a disease but a symptom to indicate the health of your mouth as well as your body.


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