Bad Breath Long Beach

Long Beach Dentist: Causes Of Bad Breath

Bad breath bothers everyone. No one likes talking to people who have foul odors or remnants of their last meal coming from their mouth. People with constant breath problems can blame bad brushing habits and dietary issues. Bad breath or as a Long Beach CA dentist would call it, halitosis, is not just an uncomfortable social dilemma. It can be related to more serious medical conditions such as gum disease or untreated wounds in the mouth. Other factors that can contribute to bad breath are due to lack of proper dentistry or bad personal hygiene. Poor brushing habits can lead to left over food particles that can begin to decay between your teeth. This rotting food covers your tongue with residue and tiny organisms that create a foul smell. Cigarette smokers and alcohol drinkers are also subject to constant breath issues.

Although hygiene factors are the most disturbing causes for halitosis, there are other reasons you may be experiencing bad breath. The common cold is a main contributor to breath issues because infected nasal passages become inflamed and pus begins to form, thus causing minor odors in your mouth. Bad breath is not a disease, and will not require cosmetic dentistry, but regular brushing and visits to your dentist can eliminate the embarrassment of bad breath.


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